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What is EasyHits4u? Easy Hits 4u Review, Is EasyHits4u Scam?

EasyHits4u is not the best online work company to generate full time online income. EasyHits4u is a Traffic Exchange site which is paying from 2003, from where you can very few amount money by surfing ads and referring people who like to surf the traffic exchange ads. You can also advertise your referral links of other online work companies to get referrals free of cost in traffic exchange sites like EasyHits4u. That is why you can find lots of positive EasyHits4u reviews around the internet. But, from our side we don't recommend EasyHits4u because it is not worth time and effort. You even can't earn $10 per year on your own click and it is hard to get active referrals because when people know they can't earn good amount of money, they just leave the site. That is why we are here providing review of EasyHits4u without any referral link, means here we are only delivering the truth, neither recommending, nor promoting EasyHits4u. So, if you are looking for the opportunities to earn full time online income, then you can find the list of legit online works and businesses by clicking this link:- Update

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What is Easyhits4u (Is Easyhits4u a scam?):-

Easyhits4u is a traffic exchange program which is paying to its members from 2003, so definitely Easy Hits 4u is not a scam. You can earn money in EasyHits4u by viewing advertisements and referring people through your referral link. It also provides the platform to advertise your website or referral/affiliate links for free. For each site you surf in Easyhits4u, you will receive some credits which you can use to advertise your own website or your referral/affiliate links of other companies. It also provides Easyhits4u splash page through which you can create landing pages for the products you want to advertise as well as you can create promotion pages with the referrals links of other companies so that you can use those pages to advertise your products or referral links in other Traffic Exchange sites and PTC sites.

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Who can work in Easyhits4u and what it does exactly?

Easyhits4u is suitable for both beginners as well as for professionals.

Beginners can take benefit by surfing ads and referring people by promoting their referral link. Professionals can take benefit of this platform to advertise their site or can earn money by referring tons of people through their EasyHits4u referral link. More people you refer, you will earn more money. There is no limit how many people you can refer in Easy Hits 4 u.

If you are in the beginning of your online career then, we highly recommend you to join online businesses training program first of all and learn the all the skills to be successful from any online businesses. Wealthy Affiliate is the top online business training platform where you can learn the every skills to be successful from any online businesses. In order to find out more details on Wealthy Affiliate.
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Some experts think that traffic exchange programs like Easyhits4u is not a best platform to advertise your website as well as to earn money from it. In some extent it is true, but we must know what kind of advertisements we are going to advertise in Traffic Exchange sites like Easyhits4u. If your website is related with online money making programs, health consultant services, music and videos downloads, funny contents, news informations, playing games etc, then Easyhits4u is definitely a decent place to advertise your website. We must think what is the interest of most of the members in Easyhits4u who are honestly surfing ads in it. Most of members in Easy Hits 4 U are seeking for the opportunities to earn money online. So, they will be interest to find good sites related with online money making opportunities, or they will be also interested in websites which are related with entertainment field or related with the products that every human being need in their daily life.

If experts can’t take benefit from the advertisement services of EasyHits4u, then at least they can earn some decent amount by making lots of referrals in Easy Hits 4u. It is very easy for professionals to make lots of referrals in EasyHits4u.

Easyhits4u program Details (How to earn money in Easyhits4u?):-

The main concept of Easyhits4u is to provide the traffic exchange in 1:1 ratio. For one page you visit in Easyhits4u, you will get one credit to advertise your website. So it is one of the free advertisement platform.
It also provides two ways of earning and that is by surfing ads and by making referrals.

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Viewing ads:-

When you surf ads in Easyhits4u, you will get two benefits. Firstly, you will earn credit in 1:1 ratio to advertise your own website or referral/affiliate links for free. Secondly, you will earn $0.3 for 1000 sites you surf. Yep, it is very less amount, but you can increase this income by referring people and guiding them to surf ads. You will find some softwares which claim to provide Easyhits4u autosurf facility, which means automated Easyhits4u surf feature. If you use those kind of softwares, you will get banned from Easyhits4u. So, we never suggest you to use such kind of softwares to surf ads in Easy Hits 4 U.

Referring People:-

You can increase your earnings in Easyhits4u by referring people through your referral link. EasyHits4u provides five level referral tier program through which you can earn commissions from your 5 generations referrals in the ratio of 10%, 5%, 3%, 2% and 1% respectively. You will receive 10% commissions when your direct referrals earn money by surfing ads in EasyHits4u. If your those referrals refer people through their referral link, you will earn 5% from the work done by your second level referrals and so on up to 5 level generations.

What should my referrals need to do in EasyHits4u so that I can earn money?

Your referral need to do the same thing which you are doing in EasyHits4u, surfing ads. When your referrals surf 1000 sites, they will also earn $0.3 and you will get 10% commissions of that $0.3 which will not cut from your referral balance, but will provide you as incentive from the EasyHits4u additionally. If your second level referral, referrals of your referral surf 1000 sites, you will earn 5% commission of their earning amounts, if third level referral, then 3% and so on you upto 5 generations.

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You will also earn 40% commissions from the purchases made by your direct referrals, such as when they purchase advertisement services of EasyHits4u.

For one time, you will also earn $0.1 per referrals when they complete surfing their first 100 ads.

How can I get lots of referrals in Easyhits4u?

There are two ways to make referrals in EasyHits4u as well as in any other online work companies:-

Shortcut way to get direct referrals in EasyHits4u:-

Shortcut way doesn’t guarantee you to get 100% active referrals, but at least you will get some decent amount of active referrals. For this, you have to advertise your EasyHits4u referral link in other Traffic Exchange sites as well as in other PTC websites. You can find of the detail guide to make referrals using shortcut way in EasyHits4u as well as in any other online work companies by clicking >HERE<

Best Strategy to get active and free Direct Referrals continuously from one time investment:-
Following this method, you can get much more active referrals than any other methods and that is also free of cost. But, for this you need to learn the advance skills of internet marketing which will not only help you to get free active referrals in Easyhits4u, but in any other online work companies as well. You can get the complete training on internet marketing as well as on other online business expert skills such as the professional ways to earn form Google AdSense, eBay, Amazon etc. as well as from your own website through the company known as Wealthy Affiliate.

Is EasyHits4u free to join or need to pay?
Easyhits4u is completely free to join and work. You don't have to pay for anything to work in EasyHits4u.

Drawbacks of Easyhits4u:-
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  • Easyhits4u also offers additional platform to earn money like Matomy, Trialpay, Superreward and Payment Wall which we think is completely waste of time because you can’t earn decent amount from these works comparing with the time that you need to spend in it. So, we recommend you only to use the platforms like surfing ads, advertising your websites or referral links free of cost and referral program of Easyhits4u to take benefit from it.
  • Easyhits4u do not have forum, so you can’t discuss anything about EasyHits4u openly and can’t find the recent updates on EasyHits4U on time. If you need to contact the EasyHits4u support team, then you have to click the "contact us" on the bottom of EasyHits4u page and need to send email to EasyHits4u support team.

    • Earnings from Easyhits4u will be very low if you don’t know how to refer the good amount of active referrals in Easy Hits 4u. After referring people also you can't expect to earn more than a pocket money from EasyHits4u.
    If you are looking for the opportunities to make full time online income, then better you check our Good and Trusted Online Works page

    The Most Popular Traffic Exchange
    Easyhits4u Review - Oldest Traffic Exchange Easyhits4u Review - Oldest Traffic Exchange Reviewed by Official Blogger on December 21, 2017 Rating: 5

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