[Free / Paid] Latest and Best Premium Traffic Leads Leap - Review

LeadsLeap 2.0 Review – I am Astounded!!!

[Free / Paid] Latest and Best Premium Traffic Exchange Leads Leap - Review

LeadsLeap 2.0 Review
Product: Free Leads System
Price: Free – $0, Pro – $27/mth
Owner: Kenneth
Suitable for: Online Marketers in “Make Money Online” Niche

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Overview: Since my last review of LeadsLeap 1.0, Kenneth has put in tremendous effort to his LeadsLeap system and now its LeadsLeap 2.0! Now you can even earn money by viewing ads and showing ads on your Website!

Welcome to LeadsLeap! We've just revamped the Members Area. This is a one-time message to help you to get a quick start. DO NOT refresh this page until you finish reading it.
How to learn more about LeadsLeap?
LeadsLeap is traffic system that is packed with many features. You may be overwhelmed initially, for good reasons. Take your time to explore the different tools that we provide and more importantly, see how you can use them to your advantage.
To make it easier for you, at almost every page and every important function, you will see a link like this ''. Click it to learn more about the feature.
If you have questions, simply open a support ticket. I answer the support tickets personally.
Where are the navigation links?
Navigation links are all on the left (or in the drop down at the top right corner if you are viewing this page on a phone). I believe they are well categorized and should be self-explanatory.
Where are the ads to earn credits?
The ads and upline messages that you see on the right (or at the bottom if you are using a phone) will earn you credits when you surf them. The ads comes with a category, traffic stats and rating. You can view ads that interest you the most. If an ad comes with an avatar, you can also click on the avatar and see the profile of the advertiser.
How to get started?
If you are a newbie wanting to make some money, just login to your account everyday and visit at least 10 ads. This will qualify you for our Daily Earning. You can also encash the credits earned if you do not plan to advertise. Our withdrawal limit is $10. Many members can reach this amount in 3 months. The more hardworking ones can cash out every month.
If you are lazy to login, you can also view the ads that we send to your email. We send you one email a day at your preferred hour.
If you have a blog or website of your own, consider adding our Ad Widget to your site. It is a quick and easy way to make money, earn credits and build leads, all on autopilot.
If you have a business or website to promote, you should explore the different traffic tools that we provide. The first one, of course, is our advertising system. You can set up Credit Ads and get free traffic to your website. You should also explore other tools like The Real Tracker and Social Review.
If you are a serious internet marketer, you should check out the PopupXpert and OTO List Buider.
As you can see, there are quite a bit of things you can do and use in LeadsLeap. Take your time to learn and explore. Remember, the more you learn, the more you earn.
Where is my affiliate link?
Almost every page of LeadsLeap can be your affiliate link. You simply have to add ?r=bronto to the end of any LeadsLeap url.
Having said that, we have a full list of links and offers that you can use to promote LeadsLeap. Check it out here > Promote LeadsLeap.

LeadsLeap 2.0 Review – New Facelift

Kenneth had given LeadsLeap 2.0’s interface a facelift and it is very neat and easier to navigate around. On the dashboard, you can view all your statics at one glance.
LeadsLeap Review 2.0 - Dashboard


LeadsLeap 2.0 Review - Dashboard 1
LeadsLeap 2.0 Review - Dashboard 2
LeadsLeap 2.0 Review - Dashboard 1

LeadsLeap 2.0 Review – New Changes

Kenneth has made some changes to his free tools.
LeadsLeap 2.0 Review - OTO List Builder
Free Autoresponder

The features of this List Builder remains unchanged. You are required to know some technical details to install this script to your web host.
The reason of the change of name as explained by Kenneth,
“As you may know, MYOB is the brand for a popular accounting software. It’s not a good idea to use that name. OTO, on the other hand, is a good match because one of the powerful components of the script is its OTO feature.” – Kenneth

Kenneth mentioned that LeadsLeap will continue to support all existing links infinitely. But you will not be able to create new links. You are advised to move your links here to The Real Tracker if possible.
I will share with you more about The Real Tracker in the next section.

LeadsLeap 2.0 Review – New Features and New Earnings!

LeadsLeap’s The Real Tracker tool has replaced the Advance Link Cloaker tool.
The Real Tracker is much more powerful as it can track visitors to your website and determine whether they are real and have they interacted with your “Sweat and Blood” contents.
Who else can explain it better then Kenneth? 🙂
Today I’m thrilled to release a powerful link tracker, with rotation and cross promotion capabilities.
We call it…  The Real Tracker!
“Booooooo!!!! We have Google Analytics, who needs another tracker?”
Yes, GA gives you many stats. But it has limitations...

With the introduction of LeadsLeap 2.0, now everyone can earn money by
  1. Viewing ads in LeadsLeap member’s area.
  2. Viewing ads in the email sent to the member daily at a pre-chosen time.
  3. Placing an ad-widget at their blog/website and attain 3rd party clicks on the ads.
Again, let’s listen to what Kenneth has to say about this.
How can everyone make money?
There is only one way – we share our revenue with everyone, without members buying anything or referring anyone.
In LeadsLeap 2.0, we added 2 exciting ways to make money...

You could earn credits not just by viewing ads or by 3rd-party ads viewing. Remember, LeadsLeap has a referral system that works a little like MLM. You could have downline referrals of up to 10 levels.
When each of your downline referrals view ads, you’ll earn a percentage of their ads credits too! So some members with a large network of downlines will have an overflow of ads credits for their own use.
Guess what, Kenneth allows them to be converted to cash!
Just to keep you updated on the progress, the click-through in the network quadrupled. Both Free and Pro Members should be happy with the increase in traffic.
I hope you are happy!
Today I have a new feature to announce. We call it “Credit Encashment”.
As the name suggest, basically we let members convert their credits into cash…...

LeadsLeap 2.0 Review – My Personal Take

I joined LeadsLeap as a free member about a year ago and remains relative active by updating my free ads and viewing the ads in LeadsLeap to earn my ads credits.
The Free Ads Credit system was modified a little too before this LeadsLeap 2.0 update.
Kenneth has changed from earning one credit by view one ad to earning credits based on the time spend on viewing/interacting with the ads.
This is really a fair system as some free members might just click on the ads without actually viewing the ads but just wanting to earn the credits for his own ads.
Ever since I upgrade as Pro Member 2 months ago, my list and signups have increased by 100% with LeadsLeap v2.0 beta kicking in.
( As a Pro Member, I can post up to 10 ads without the need to use ad credits and the ads do not have an expiry date like the free ads do. Thus, I can encash all my credits earned by viewing ads! )
Yes, even before its official launch on 16 Feb 2016!
This system really works!

LeadsLeap 2.0 Review – Final Verdict

LeadsLeap 2.0

Owners: Kenneth

Overall Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

I rated this product 4.0 stars because it works!
Your ads get viewed by the real people and who interact with them.
The one star missing is because ads in the Leads Lead System are 99% related to Make Money Online niche. So your target audiences are limited if you are not working around this niche.
Also, the free Autoresponder, OTO List Builder tool requires some technical skills to setup. Honestly, I find it quite difficult to set up myself.
It would be great if Kenneth can come out with a plug-n-play version that works like a plugin in the next update! (I am hoping he sees this review. 🙂 )
Wishing you the best!
[Free / Paid] Latest and Best Premium Traffic Leads Leap - Review [Free / Paid] Latest and Best Premium Traffic Leads Leap - Review Reviewed by Official Blogger on December 21, 2017 Rating: 5

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